How to download and use the Microsoft CoPilot app on iOS?


Microsoft has introduced its AI chatbot app, CoPilot, on both Android and iOS platforms. This app, formerly known as Bing Chat, has been rebranded by Microsoft to offer a dedicated experience similar to ChatGPT. CoPilot utilises OpenAI’s advanced models, including GPT, DALL-E, and Suno AI, to handle various tasks involving text, images, and music.
For iOS users, the CoPilot app provides a standalone experience without requiring Bing, the Edge app, or third-party applications.It utilises the Chromium engine, enabling the integration of CoPilot web app functionality directly within the app. The accessibility of CoPilot is rapidly expanding, encompassing dedicated apps for Windows 11, Android, iOS, and the web. It seamlessly integrates with various Microsoft services such as Microsoft 365, Paint, Teams, Azure, and more.
Additionally, Microsoft has launched the CoPilot app for iOS and iPadOS, available for download from the Apple App Store. This app, previously known as Bing Chat, is native to iOS and iPad devices, functioning similarly to the ChatGPT mobile app by OpenAI. Unlike ChatGPT, which provides free access to GPT-3.5, CoPilot offers access to GPT-4. The iOS version of CoPilot serves as a versatile, multi-functional assistant for tasks such as providing information on recent events. It also supports third-party plugins at no extra cost, making it valuable for tasks like trip planning and resume creation.
CoPilot app features:

  • Draft emails, craft stories and scripts, summarise content, translate text, generate resumes, and perform various other tasks
  • Create logos and design custom backgrounds, illustrations, and content for social media
  • Generate music complete with lyrics based on text prompts using the integrated plugin

How to Download Microsoft CoPilot on iPhone:

  • Make sure that your iPhone is operating on iOS 15/iPadOS 15 or macOS 12.0 or a more recent version
  • Open App Store on your iPhone
  • In the search bar of the App Store, look for ‘CoPilot’ by Microsoft
  • Tap ‘Install’ and allow the app to finish its installation

How to Use Microsoft CoPilot on iPhone:

  • Open the CoPilot app on your iPhone
  • Tap “Continue” to give your acceptance on the T&Cs
  • If requested, provide permission for your device’s location (optional)
  • Tap ‘Sign-in’ located at the upper-left corner. Log in using your Microsoft account to synchronise your history, enabling you to participate in conversations with up to 30 responses. This functionality ensures a personalised and smooth user experience

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