From multitasking to turning into an interior decorator: 10 things you can do with Apple Vision Pro


Every time Apple launches a new product, there’s quite a lot of buzz. But what happens when Apple enters a new product category? The buzz becomes a constant whir with people talking a lot — more than they actually should — about it on social media at least. That’s what is happening with the Apple Vision Pro. Apple Vision Pro promises to be more than just a fancy headset as it blends augmented reality and virtual reality.It looks funny when someone is actually wearing the headset, which might lead to the question “what is the use of it”?. Here we list out 10 use cases of the Apple Vision Pro:

The ultimate multitasker

If you’ve seen social media posts of Vision Pro in action, you would know what it can do. Vision Pro creates multiple virtual screens, allowing you to attend a meeting in the pristine beaches of Boracay Islands while simultaneously helping your child with their homework and catching a bit of NBA action.

Forget about lousy in-flight entertainment options

If you are wearing a Vision Pro on a flight then you can take your entire content library with you. No more relying on bad choices the airlines forces you to watch or even ensuring you’ve downloaded enough content on your iPad.

Watch sports like never before

Vision Pro actually allows you to stream multiple sports and you can have a lot of screens. There’s a cricket match, F1 race and football on at the same time? Fret not as long as you have $3500 to spare for the Vision Pro.

The entertainment companion

One of the best use cases of the Vision Pro is watching movies or TV shows. It is quite an incredible experience as it turns your surroundings into a proper immersive theatre-like space.


Bring those images to life

You can view your entire photo library on iCloud in a lot of detail. If you have taken a panoramic shot you’re proud of, then on Vision Pro viewing it will look like if you re actually standing there.

Turns you into an interior decorator

Ever agonise over paint colours? Vision Pro lets you virtually paint your living room avocado green (or any other questionable shade) before committing. You can see how the colour will look before actually picking one. A word of advice: stick to the conventional choices.

Go somewhere without actually going there

Yes, it’s not the real thing but the Vision Pro transports you to exotic locales. Ever imagine doing yoga on Everest? With Vision Pro, you can actually do that.

For the home chefs

Vision Pro projects holographic recipes onto your kitchen counter, guiding you through culinary masterpieces (or at least preventing another ramen night). Just don’t blame the headset if your “gourmet” creation ends up looking like a science experiment gone wrong.


Your full-time translator

Imagine having a French tutor who follows you around Paris, correcting your croissant pronunciation in real-time. Vision Pro overlays language lessons onto the real world, making it easy to not embarrass yourself by mispronouncing Champs-Elysses.
Look weird or cool
Let’s face it, seeing someone wear a headset with a display has always evoked a sense of amusement. Now it depends whether you think the person wearing Vision Pro is looking weird or cool? Chances are the person wearing it will think that he or she is looking uber cool lording over the mere mortals who can’t afford or understand the worth of Apple’s shiniest and priciest new toy!


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