Google tests client-side encryption for Gmail: Here’s what it means for users and who will get it


Google has announced a new security feature, client-side encryption to Gmail, for Workspace users. For now, it comes as a beta update. The client-side 0r end-to-end encryption provides an additional layer of security to emails and attachments sent through Gmail.
Even Google won’t be able to read your emails
Announcing the beta, Google said that the encryption makes the “sensitive data” unreadable even to Google. One thing to note is that the feature will not be available to individual users and is only for businesses using Google Workspace on the Enterprise Plus, Education Standard, and Education Plus plans.
Once beta begins, the client-side will be enabled for Workspace users on the web, providing them with an option to enable end-to-end encryption for emails. Though, users will need to manually turn on the encryption using the “padlock” button, which will encrypt the mail, including attachments. That is it, users can now compose the mail as they usually do.
But turning encryption will make them miss out on some features, including smart compose, emojis, and signature. Meanwhile, encryption will be added to the Android and iOS apps with an upcoming release.
Registrations for Gmail’s end-to-end encryption open till January 20, 2023
Despite being a feature for Workspace users, the encryption will not be limited to intra-office communication. Users can also send encrypted emails to people outside of their workspace. Further, encrypted emails can also be sent to people using other email clients.
Google has opened registrations for the beta program. The Workspace administrators can apply for the beta. However, some steps need to be completed before the registration, Google said in a blog.
The client-side encryption was first added to Google Drive last year for Workspace users. Later, the feature arrived in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Google Meet. Furthermore, the feature is under public beta for Google Calendar.


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